Boosting hotel sales is no easy task, hotels will need to re-think strategically on how they would like to increase their sales post-covid. The number of hotels closing for business is increasing day by day, indicating not only loss of business but also loss of jobs.

Your action plan should reflect your commitment towards guest experience while emphasizing on the number of bookings coming in at a given time. If you are walking down the hallway of your hotels and realizing that many rooms are empty and many floors are closed, then it is a sign of a failing business plan. Only with additional revenue on hand are you able to provide your guest with the service they expect as well as move the hotel forward into the future. 

Here are 4 tips to help you boost your hotel sales, available on QikRes© Booking Engine that will not only help to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 but also leverage your hotel recovery.

Tip #1: Focus on Direct Online Sales
Your priority now is to earn more direct bookings online from as many guests as possible. Direct online booking brings the most benefit to you because bookings are generated without you having to pay a high commission to distribution channels. In order to implement a direct booking strategy, hotels should invest in an internet booking engine that can sync to their existing website or we can always create one for you if you sign up now for QikRes© Booking Engine at a minimal cost. 

Our QikRes© Booking Engine has an easy user interface that allows anyone to quickly add, update and publish content to your own hotel website and booking engine, keeping your website, and booking engine up to date with minimal effort. These days, simplicity is key and with our user-friendly content management you will be able to have a simple yet modern web design in just a few days!

Besides that, you will be able to easily manage your room inventory and rates in one single location on your very own web-based login available anywhere, anytime online. No more worrying about how to manage your inventory and room rates. It can all be done in a single click! A well-managed, simple web design that is user friendly will surely attract customers and therefore boost sales.

Tip #2: Guest Rewards Program
Next you should shift your focus on building loyalty with your guest. Does your hotel have a guest rewards program? You can build loyalty using our QikRes© Booking Engine – that works with your centralized guest profiles to automatically reward guests with reward points every time they book directly with your property. These points can be accumulated and be used on guests’ future bookings to redeem room stays and other services hence, encouraging brand loyalty.  Therefore, it is a strong incentive for the guest to continue to stay at your hotel and build long-term relationships.

Tip #3: Guest Engagement
With the hotel industry being people-based, the best way to nurture a good relationship with customers is by interacting with them directly, and not via a third-party booking agent. Your guests are your assets, do not give it to others.

QikRes© Booking Engine provides you with tools that allow you to communicate with your guests before, during and after their stay. With these tools, you will be able to communicate with your guest directly and hence, build a relationship prior to them coming to the hotel with a pre-arrival message. Upon receiving this message, your guests will then be even more excited about coming to your hotel. This is an added benefit that will help increase Guest Engagement while also creating a unique experience which makes your guest feel like a privileged member of the hotel. With this feature, you will be sure that your happy guests will be returning customers in the future. 

Since the beginning of time, it has always been known that it is cheaper and more cost-effective to retain a current guest than to acquire a new one. With the help of these additional features in QikRes© Booking Engine, you will be sure to make your guests happy and prompt them to book directly with you again soon!

Hint: Happier Guests = More Revenue!

Tip #4: Target Domestic Tourist
When you open your doors again you will first need to ensure that you implement the necessary SOPs for safeguarding your guest by expressing your policies, your health and safety standards on all channels available such as your website and social media platforms. You need to inform your guest on how you are implementing social distancing in your operations and across your shared spaces. As soon as restrictions are uplifted, not everyone will start travelling. Business travelers might be the first to start moving around followed by others. With reassurance around safety and health standards practice, domestic leisure travelers will start travelling locally.

Hotels now need to focus their marketing efforts in targeting local tourists during this period. Hotels can offer guests a range of direct booking perks and package deals to help attract them in making a booking. Hotels need to be aware of what kind of special offers and promotions will help attract local tourists – families, business travelers etc and tailor these promotions to fit them and their needs. 

QikRes© Booking Engine can help you set up a range of sell options, best available rates, specials offer and promotions, giving guests a range of selections for them to choose from and which they think are best for them. In addition, QikRes© Booking Engine is also able to set up package deals for guests that are sold as part of the hotels’ inventory. These packages can be configured in the system such as “Stay 3 Nights, Pay for 2” or “Stay over the Weekend and Monday stay gets 50% Discount” etc. 
Covid-19 has impacted everyone both locally and internationally, but large portions of the public naturally want a break and will still be dreaming of the trip they want to take after everything has subsided. Those weekend promotions can be suitable for families looking to take a break before going back to work or school.  All these features and promotions that are provided by the hotel will help boost sales. 

In a nutshell,
QikRes© Booking Engine can help you boost your hotel sales and these 4 tips are only a part of what QikRes© Booking Engine can do for you. Click HERE to sign up now to experience all this and more. 

Learn more about QikRes© Booking Engine here: https://www.ubiqglobal.com/qikinn-application-suite/qikres-booking-engine/

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