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QikRes© web booking engine is highly flexible and fully customizable to meet each hotel's business needs. It enables hotel to be in control of their inventory and drive more direct business to their corporate website.

qikres web booking engine

Hotel Online Room Reservation Form

The built in tools in QikRes© enable the hotel to provide the right information and the right rates to the guest, thereby, allowing the hotel's staff to spend more time in addressing the guest's needs.

qikres rooms selection

Hotel Room Availabilities/Description/Selection

The ability to engage and maintain a constant communication channel with Guest is vital as this leads to build strong guest loyalty. QikRes© pulls all guests information to a centralized repository which the group can easily access at any time to manage its guest loyalty programs, etc. This encourages guests to return and book directly on the hotel's website, leading to increase direct bookings and revenues.

In addition,QikRes© offers enhanced reservations experience to the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and PDA's, tablet PC's and other similar devices, offering greater flexibility and a whole new reservation experience.

qikres rooms selection

Room Reservation via Mobile Devices

Hotels using the QikRes© system have the following benefits:

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