Qikinn Kicks Into the Hospitality Scene

Qikinn Kicks Into the Hospitality Scene

Harbans Singh, Managing Director, UbiQ Global Solutions briefed FHM 2011 Guest of Honour, YB Dato’ Ong Hong Peng, Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism and President of Malaysian Association of Hotels, Datuk Mohd. Ilyas Zainol Abidin on the Qikinn Mobile Solutions for hospitality

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UbiQ Global Solutions represents unique leading edge integrated hospitality technologies, enabling hotels to compete successfully in delivering services that make a difference in enhancing guest service.

At FHM 2011, they are introducing QIKINN© system, a totally new concept in the hospitality industry. The QIKINN© system is a fully integrated Mobile solution for hotels. It enables mobile checkin and check-out, guest communications via SMS,HTML confirmation messages, marketing and up-sell communication as well as addressing guests" concerns and preferences before they even arrive at the hotel. Upon check-out, the hotel maintains communication with the guests using simple SMS, email and "online mobile" guest surveys.

"We are leveraging on FHM 2011 platform to promote the company, UbiQ Global Solutions as well as to launch our mobile solution, the QIKINN© system. We are also here to generate sales leads and do market search on needs of the hospitality industry," said Mr Harbans Singh, Managing Director. He also added, "FHM is well organised and a platform that enables us to reach out to our target customers."
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