UbiQ Global Solutions Introduces QIKINN at Food & Hotel Malaysia(FHM) 2011"True mobility for hotel Guests"

UbiQ Global Solutions Introduces QIKINN at Food & Hotel Malaysia(FHM) 2011

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sept 20, 2011 – UbiQ Global Solutions Sdn Bhd, today announced the introduction of QIKINN© Mobile solution for hospitality @ FHM 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

The QIKINN© system is a fully integrated Mobile solution for hotels. It enables mobile check-in and check-out, guest communications via SMS before they even arrive at the hotel, HTML confirmation messages, marketing and upsell communication as well as addressing guests" concerns and preferences. Upon check-out, the hotel maintains communication with the guests using simple SMS, email and "online mobile" guest surveys.

"This is in line with UbiQ Global Solutions" vision in providing hoteliers with the cuttingedge technology that makes a winning difference in their delivery of guest services," said Mr. Harbans Singh, Managing Director, UbiQ Global Solutions. "A totally new and unique concept in the hospitality industry using SMS to check-in and check-out of the hotel. This gives us a new way to change how hotels manage their guests via the cloud."

The QIKINN©system helps to enhance guest experience by eliminating long check-in and check-out queues faced by travellers at the front desk. Before arriving at the hotel, guests can now opt to check in from their mobile phone using simple SMS messaging. Unlike other almost similar browser based mobile applications, the QIKINN© system allows almost all mobile users to benefit from this capability. Similarly, guests can also opt to check-out from the QIKINN© system at their own convenience and have their folios uploaded to the QIKINN© system for future retrieval in the comfort of their home or in the office. The QIKINN© maintains all copies of the folios of the guests past stays online, allowing them to have an archive of all their hotel stays and print them when needed.

"Another unique feature of the QIKINN© system is its ability to link with the property management systems (PMS) installed in hotels, thereby, providing a seamless interface for operations across the organization. This will not only enhance guest services, but also provide a whole new experience for the Guest, " added Harbans Singh. "Today, the key in guest loyalty is having the ability to provide better and more personalised services to guests in the hotel. The QIKINN© system also helps hotels to promote their branding and improve services through QIKINN©-confirm and "online mobile" survey."

About UbiQ Global Solutions Sdn Bhd

UbiQ Global Solutions is a subsidiary of Ubicomp System Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian MSC status company, which developed the QIKINN© system as well as other leading edge technologies for the hospitality industry. UbiQ also represents other key niche solutions which are unique and offer a competitive edge to the hotels incorporating the latest technologies for the benefit of the users. The solutions will be matched to provide total seamless integrated systems thereby eliminating the need for multiple operations within the same organization in order to gather the required data for proper analysis and decision making. For more information on our suite of hospitality solutions, please visit www.ubiqglobal.com or www.qikinn.com.