Our Qikinn© Application Suite is a comprehensive set of well tailored solutions that cater to your guest needs. From hotel booking engine to check-out step, from reservation confirmation to thank you notification; our solutions are linked to each and another to provide a truly world class hospitality experience.

Qikinn Application Suite 1
Qikres Booking Engine

Web Booking Engine – B2B and B2C Portals

Ubicomp has develop a next-generation booking engine, QikRes© which allows hotels to publish inventory onto the web for online bookings with both B2B and B2C capabilities.

Qikinn Application Suite 2
QikConfirm Guest Engagement Tool

A Guest Engagement Tool for Hospitality Industry

You now have the ability to send nicely formatted HTML emails for reservation confirmations and also other guest related activities such as pre-arrivals, thank you letter on check out, birthday greetings, promotions, etc.

Qikinn Application Suite 3
Qikpad Ipad Check In and Checkout

An ipad personalized Guest Check-in/Check-out

Guest seated in the lounge or in the room can be checked in and checked out using an hand held ipad by a hotel personnel.

Qikinn Application Suite 4

An electronic filing of Registration Cards and Folios signed from an ipad

Qikdesk is also a marketing tool to promote hotel promotions

Qikinn Application Suite 5
Personalized Guest Engagement Portal

Qikstay a personalized Guest Engagement Portal

Itinerary planning, Event booking, Manage Bookings, Messaging, etc

Qikinn Application Suite 6

QikRates© is a dynamic and robust rate shopper application that allows hotels to review rates on its website and other online booking sources.

Qikrate enables hotels to ensure that they are having competitive online rates at all times and reduce OTA bookings, thereby saving money.

Supported Payment Gateway

Our hotel booking engine is capable at supporting the following payment gateways

Integrated Channel Manager

Our Qikinn© Application Suite if fully compatible and integrated to the following Channel Managers

Qikinn Application Suite

Hotel Booking Engine

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