QikStay© – Changing The Guest Paradigm

QikStay© –Changing The Guest Paradigm

Let the Experience Begin With the First Booking

QikStay© is designed to begin their experience from the point of first contact, viz. the booking and continue that experience through to their stay and even after that! Imagine being able to plan your itinerary before you even arrive at the hotel and also knowing well in advance the special events which might be happening in the city or the hotel; being warned about the weather conditions; knowing that there could be some special sales happening in the stores next to the hotel; etc. More importantly, they are able to do this on their own device!


  • Customers have complete visibility of past and future bookings with the Hotel
  • Check in and checkout if pre-requisite is complied
  • Guests are also able to view hotel promotions available during their stay and book the promotion before then even arrive
  • Guests are able to view events happening in the city and around the hotel
  • Guest can plan for their stays in the hotel in advance of their travels and in many cases, look for information which will be useful for their stay


  • Guest can manage own profiles
  • Plan itinerary
  • Manage bookings
  • Loyalty Points Program
  • Knowing more about hotel events
  • Knowing about any hotel announcements
  • Trip sharing
  • Hotel Messaging
  • Room Promotion & Non Room Promotion
  • Making room or non room reservation