Easy SMS Bookings for Hotels


qikinn mobile passport Customers today are inundated with tons of emails, paperwork and tedious processes when making a simple hotel booking, regardless if they have stayed at that particular hotel previously or not. This, very often, is the duplication of data entry and verification of details, etc.

With the QIKINN© system, a customer's personal details are captured the moment he or she makes the first booking and if there is a mobile phone provided, this is captured and stored in the customer's profile. As such, the Hotel is now able to recognize the customer should the phone number be provided by the customer in making a booking.

There are two scenarios when making a booking which become available for the customer. With QikRes©, the customer can just send a simple SMS to the hotel, eg. *ROOM 12/3/12* and the QikRes© system will know that this is a returning customer and send back a reply to the customer's mobile phone offering the best rate available for the day. This rate could be special rate for returning customers or a last minute discounted rate, etc, all of which are set up in the QikRes© system under the Mobile channel.

The second scenario is when the hotel would like to offer the excess inventory to anyone who needs a room for the day and as such are able to be creative on the pricing, etc. A good example of this would be in the airport where there could be a large banner which highlights the hotel and also encourages the public to send a SMS to the hotel for room enquiry and price. Hence, if a Customers sends a SMS, eg. *ROOM 10/3/12* to the hotel number, the QikRes© system, knowing that this number is not in the hotel database, will reply to the Customer's mobile with the best rate for the day and request for a confirmation to make a booking. Once the Customer accepts the rate and confirms a booking by simply pressing "YES, Make Reservation", the QikRes© system will make a reservation based on the mobile number and give the Customer a fixed duration of time to arrive at the hotel and check-in. If the Customer does not arrive in the pre-assigned timeslot, then the reservation will be cancelled.